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Introduction of High performance insulation paint with Aerogel

Introduction of High performance insulation paint with Aerogel

Aerogels are porous materials with very large internal surface area.


1. Insulation Paint

There are both hydrophobic · hydrophilic Aerogel.
Hydrophobicity: In case you require higher insulation.
  Hydrophilicity: Process simplification · High grade of finish etc. Requested case.


2. Insulation and Humidity control

By using hydrophilic Aerogel, not only heat insulation but also humidity control effect can be expected.


3. Quite reasonable material price! less than 50% other bland Aerogel

With non-high pressure high temperature process realized less than half the cost of other bland Aerogel products. Further cost reduction is possible depending on usage



A large internal surface area is realized with fine pores composed of 90% or more of amorphous silicon dioxide. This realizes high thermal insulation, high water absorption and high humidity resistance.

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