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Diatomaceous earth Products

Bland New Product “SOSA” FLEX DIATOMITE BATHMAT made in Japan

New Product Flex Diatomite Bathmat

Diatomaceous earth Bathmat, Products Worldwide distributing

We are Manufacture of high quality Diatom Bathmat in Japan.
We would like to collaborate with Distributers any countries for sale in your countries our Diatom bathmat made in Japan.
We already had several inquires from overseas, we try to expand our business more.

Please contact us if you interest in this business.

Flex Diatomite Bathmat made in Japan

Flex Diatomite Bathmat made in Japan

Let me explain about Japanese market of Diatom Bathmat.
It consists of 2 layers Chinese products ( retail price 15USD – 30USD ) and Japanese products ( retail price 50USD – 100USD )
Chinese one for using by themselves, Japanese one for using as present for important person.
Chinese one is sold at DIY shop, Japanese one is sold at Web site.

as you know, Diatom bathmat which was made in China is very cheep so any people can get it very easily. but I also had an experience when I opened carton box package, I had a strong uncomfortable smell.
We would like to offer you high quality Diatom products not only Bathmat.

I am waiting for your contact.


Comparing absorbing water ability with Current products