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Soft diatomaceous bathmat “SOSA”

Made in Japan Soft stepping feeling though it is 100% diatomaceous earth powder. Cover is washable bathmat SOSA(SOSA means refreshing sand in Japanese)

Soft diatomaceous bathmat combining 100% diatomaceous earth powder enclosed with water resistant Japanese special strong paper and a super absorbent cover.


Conventional diatomaceous earth have processed the building material panels in many cases, color and shape etc are restricted by hard board and furthermore concerning China production there is anxiety approximately safety and health aspects of raw materials.
So, We tried to change from a hard building board to the touch of a soft, gentle sand beach. In order to realize such customer’s request, we will commercialize and release a new concept diatomaceous earth bath mat utilizing patented technology. Japanese ancient materials 100% Inner composed of diatomaceous earth powder and Japanese-made Japanese paper resistant to water, it realizes excellent hygroscopic hygroscopicity and a soft touch when stepping on. It is always possible to keep clean the cover easily, and furthermore by applying printing technology to the cover it is possible to realize a variety of favorite designs.


High performance water absorption

You can find it very easy watching this video!


Winter also not feel cold

It is felt cold to take a bath in the coming season. Especially if your feet are warmed by a bath, it is painful to be cooled at once with a cold hard bath mat.
Therefore, a highly absorbent cover, a combination of Japanese paper and powdered diatomaceous earth is released from that chilling discomfort.

Feet feel cold

New Product Flex Diatomite Bathmat

Highly permeable cover that you can wash frequently for keeping clean


Hard diatomaceous earth bath mats do not have to be washed. If you are using, the sebum on the sole of the foot will accumulate on the surface, the water absorption will be worse and the possibility of bacterial growth will not come out. Then it will be necessary to polish and wash with a file.
So, in the case of a soft diatomaceous earth bath mat “SOSA”, you can keep it clean every day just by washing the cover with a washing machine.
Also, by arranging several kinds of covers, you can change the atmosphere of the bathroom.

Compare Yellow

Compare Pink

Made in Japan Production in Japan

We use diatomite powder from Ohita prefecture Kusu factory, water resistant “washi” paper produced by Shikoku area, we use the cover made sewn in Niigata using Japanese high-quality dough manufacturer, we will deliver with the quality of commitment.


Our Target and Developing Story of New product “SOSA”

At our company we have produced and sold diatomaceous earth basemat by manufacturing in the plastering process by craftsmen. Although we were satisfied with the water absorption performance, we got a voice such as “It is easy to break”, “Hard uncomfortable stepping like a plate”, “Cleaning is tough”.

In order to overcome these challenges, we thought that completely new ideas and concepts that we had not had before were developed, and we began to develop this product “Shishin (SOSA)” and realized it. (Patent applied: Japanese Patent Application No. 2017-160342)

Conventional diatomaceous earth bath mat was a method of cutting and processing a building material board as a plaster of the traditional manufacturing method and building materials. To form shapes using diatomaceous earth, it was the default concept to use a binder to harden.
To overthrow that predefined concept, we need an innovative structure and an idea of ​​material selection to support it.
So we first focused on “hard and fragile” which was not popular with conventional products. As the result solidifies, it is hard and it is easy to crack, so we decided to use powdered diatomaceous earth without solidification. This has merit in addition to the point that it is hard and easily broken.

Diatomite Powder

In order to solidify the conventional product, it is necessary to blend the tie material for hardening “binder”. However, there is a disadvantage that tethering material has no water absorbency and hinders the water absorption performance of diatomite. If the concentration of the tethering material is low, the water absorption performance will increase but it will be brittle, and if the concentration of the tethering material is high, it will be robust but the water absorption performance will be reduced.

If it is used in powder form, the problem will be solved and 100% diatomaceous earth absorption performance will be obtained.

Next you will face the challenge of how to enclose powdered diatomaceous earth. The performance required for the encapsulating material is water permeability, robustness, and fine particle sealing property. First we selected nonwoven fabrics and considered them. Result The diatomite is small particles and it is necessary to use thick cloth to prevent leakage of small particles. Permeability is inferior. As a result of various investigations, we came to the conclusion that special washi paper ( traditional Japanese paper ) .

Structure Diatomite powder, Washi paper, Cover

This product was completed by using fabrics with quick drying / water permeability as a cover.

Comparing size

Huge U (Ultra) size Suitable for 4 or more people
Type U is recommended for those who are looking for large absorbency at large families.

Because it deforms softly it is easy to store and carry. When using it is vast area, storage can be compact.

Size: approximately 800 * 500 mm Thickness: approximately 5 cm
Weight: approximately 2.8Kg

L (large) size for 2-4 people
L (large) size is just good size and adequate absorbency. It is a balanced size that you can moderately coat the front of the bathroom door.

Size: approximately 550 * 400 mm Thickness: approximately 5 cm
Weight: approximately 1.3Kg

*Specification is subject to change.


Production Schedule

We are now producing SOSA products, It will be delivered from Mid of Dec. 2017.

We are able to ship to Overseas, we are waiting for your contact!!