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Can not replace to cloth mat Fluffy even though it is diatom earth “Foot Wipe Bath Cushion TRIRIA”

[Thank you for support 1030% cloud founding MAKUAKE!] in Japan.

One step of bathing up,

Cloth bathmat is wet, Diatomite bath mat is heavy and cluck easily.

There was a problem in each. Techno Gateway Co., Ltd. commercialized Soft Diatomaceous Bath Mat SOSA and improved these issues. “Softer” for 200 ml of large volume water absorption that is not broken even if the egg is dropped from 40 cm height Activated carbon over activated carbon over “activated” in alum too “refreshing” with alum containing deodorant “Bath” further evolved from Bath “mat” It is “cushion”.

First point of Fluffy Diatomite Bath Cushion is High volume water absorption performance, further more Fluffy and softy feeling.



[Current product customer’s voice 1]

Although it is not hard, it is not so soft as to say it is soft. There is unevenness because the powder inside can not be flattened.

▶ ︎ Combines low rebound urethane · Solved by dividing the inner into 4! !

As a first challenge, there is “soft but more treadable and comfortable more flat”. In order to raise the inner flatness, it is necessary to divide the inner part finely and use a large amount of diatomaceous earth powder. Because the water-absorbing property of the partition part decreases, considering the performance, we thought that it is possible to raise the inner flatness by blending non-diatomaceous earth besides diatomaceous earth as much as possible so that inner flatness can be raised. By incorporating pulverized low-resilience urethane into the inner, it evolved into an ideal inner that the flatness rises, it gets fluffy, and it gets lighter.


[Current product customer’s voice 2]

Worried about whether the inner water resistant Japanese paper breaks

▶ Adopt permeable moisture-permeable nonwoven fabric through the latest powder! !

As a second request, there is “concern about diatomaceous earth powder leakage from the inner”. Soft diatomaceous earth bath mat SOSA’s inner is made of water resistant Japanese paper using a special adhesive. Although I got a voice worried about crushing as washi paper, there has been no nonwoven fabric named “It does not pass powder”, “High permeability is high”, “It is hard to break” required for the inner material. The latest nonwoven fabric satisfying these conditions was developed and it was able to be adopted as an inner material. Without the use of adhesive, heat sealing process  by the equipment, it can be used with more stable and secure adhesion part.

[Current product customer’s voice 3]

Worried about breeding bacteria and mold

▶ Solved by body friendly alum · incorporating zinc oxide! !

The third request is “concern about breeding of bacteria and fungi”. It is necessary to blend miscellaneous bacteria and fungi breeding and those not affecting the body. Inner of the new product TRIRIA, in addition to the diatomaceous earth powder, “Alum” which is used as a food additive since ancient Japan was blended. Alum not only prevents bacterial growth due to acidity, but also expects antiperspirant action on the soles. The feeling of smoothness will last even after wiping your feet. We also added zinc oxide which is used in cosmetics etc. to further enhance antibacterial performance.


[Current product customer’s voice 4]

The size is smaller than I expected.

▶ ︎ ︎ Width enlarged from 50 cm to 60 cm! !

As a fourth request there is “a little bigger is better”.

For SOSA Type L width 50 cm, the new product TRIRIA has become 10 cm wide. We can wipe the body with more room.

Realize less than 1.5Kg though bigger than before.




Fluffy Diatomite bath Cushion TRIRIA 6043

Size: approx. 600 * 430 mm Thickness: about 5 cm

Weight: approx. 1.3Kg


COVER: Antibacterial Cover Polyester 90% Cotton 10%

INNER:  Nonwoven fabric/ Diatomaceous earth /alum /

Zinc oxide / Low rebound urethane

Washing: washing only the cover. Please do not wash the inner.

Maintenances : Please wash the cover on the day you used it. Please place the inner in a well-ventilated place for drying.

Specifications are subject to change.

Made in Japan · Manufactured in Japan

Manufacture: Techno-Gateway Co. Ltd.